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Univesity of Limerick – Digital Media and Arts Research Centre Seminar – Watch Again

You can watch my University of Limerick (DMARC) seminar on my creative practice on Vimeo. Thanks to Kerry Hagan, Colm McGettrick and Tony Irwin for putting this together. Dr. Richard Graham – DMARC Seminar Series, University of Limerick from CSIS, University of Limerick on Vimeo.  

Recital – Sonic Arts Research Centre – Watch Again

You can watch Wednesday’s recital in the Sonic Lab at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast here. Many thanks to Craig Jackson for the recording. Full concert listings can be found here:  The events brochure for Spring 2017 can be found here:,738255,en.pdf

Berklee College of Music Seminar on Spatial Audio and Live Performance Systems Design (Excerpts)

I had the pleasure of visiting the EPD department at Berklee College of Music in October 2016 to demo my multichannel guitar system on their new 10.2 loudspeaker system. Here are a few video excerpts kindly recorded by one of the EPD students in the audience. Thanks to Michael Bierylo for the invitation and to …

Guest Lecture and Performance at Berklee College of Music, Boston

I will give a lecture on spatial audio and live performance systems design at Berklee College of Music in Boston next Friday / October 28, 2016 / 4:00 p.m. I will also perform 2 improvised works for multichannel guitar as part of an evening concert (6pm) in the Electronic Production and Design department’s 10.2 multichannel …

New Pd Externals: [grambipan~] and [grambidec~]

[grambipan~] and [grambidec~] are two new (basic) ambisonic objects for Pd. They will form a large part of the new grambilib~ library I am finishing this semester, allowing a user to control angle and elevation using an audio-rate signal. They’re largely based on the rg.ambi~ abstractions from 2015. All objects are written in the C programming …


In 2011, we set out to ‘hack’ MIDI guitar pickup systems and enable access to the audio outputs of the individual strings of a guitar. These MIDI guitar pickup systems generally sense string activity with piezo transducers, which can be used as accurate microphones if amplified correctly. Design Choices There are many ways to create …

rg.ambi~ Ambisonic Abstractions for Pure Data (Pd)

Download Link: What’s in the .zip? – Encoders for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order ambisonic panning – Based on Furse-Malham (“FuMa”) coefficients – Decoders for stereo, quad, 5, and 8-channel loudspeaker arrays Additional Reading: Find an Error / Bug? ricky at rickygraham dot net

Marco Donnarumma – Xth Sense at Stevens Tech – Oct 6th

The Xth Sense™ (2010-14) is a free and open biophysical technology. With it you can produce music with the sound of your body. The Xth Sense captures sounds from heart, blood and muscles and uses them to integrate the human body with a digital interactive system for sound and video production. In 2012, it was …