For all inquiries, questions and general chatter, please drop me an email:

ricky at rickygraham dot net

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  1. Hey there, how would I go about contacting you directly about permission for a song to be used for the backing of a show reel I will be making next year for my GAD Degree Course at NUA. It would be a short sample from the mecca album. Thought best to ask well ahead of time as I am sure your music would really bolster my conceptual designs and seeing as I am often listening to it while drawing- it seems very fitting to show the inspiration to others.

  2. Hey Ricky, How are you!

    My Name is Jonathan I Live Jersey and Im interesting on Learning Ableoton Live, so my Question is, do you teach Ableton Live in person or do you have place like school where I can go visit?
    Thank You!

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Nice to hear from you. All lessons are tailored to your individual needs and are based at my workspace in Hoboken.

      Please email me directly: ricky at rickygraham dot net


  3. Oh wow that sounds great!..let me ask you one more question, I’m really interesting to take this classes but how much classes would I need to learn Ableton live in full??.. 10 Classes would be enough?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      That’s a difficult question to answer. It will be different for each student, depending on prior experience. However, 10 lessons will certainly give you a firm understanding of the software and how to apply Live as a tool in creative practice. I hope that helps. Please email me if you’d like to book a lesson.


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