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Developing Mapping Strategies for Spatial Music Performance

All videos are decoded for stereo playback. Please use headphones. This video demonstrates the mapping of skeletal data using an Xbox Kinect, Synapse, and Pure Data, within a developing live performance system. The kinect data controls in-kind spatial flocking behaviors of the ‘boids’ algorithm. Mapping Strategies for Embodied Metaphors – Improvised Musical Examples This video …

Mapping and Meaning: Re-New Digital Arts Festival Proceedings

“Mapping and Meaning: Embodied Metaphors and Non–localized Structures in Performance System Design,” written in collaboration with Dr. Brian Bridges (University of Ulster), is now available for viewing as part of the Re-New Digital Arts Festival Proceedings (pp. 216 – 222): ISSN 2245-7801 Download link: http://www.l–l.dk/downloadables/re-new_2013_conference_proceeding.pdf Festival Website: http://re-new.org/