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Guest Performance and Lecture at MMT, Trinity College, Dublin – Video

Here’s a short video clip from my guest performance and lecture at MMT on March  7, 2017, featuring the eight string guitar fitted with Cycfi Research’s Nu-Multi pickup system running through my spatial music performance system created in Pd. Many thanks to Enda Bates for the invitation and documentation.    

Univesity of Limerick – Digital Media and Arts Research Centre Seminar – Watch Again

You can watch my University of Limerick (DMARC) seminar on my creative practice on Vimeo. Thanks to Kerry Hagan, Colm McGettrick and Tony Irwin for putting this together. Dr. Richard Graham – DMARC Seminar Series, University of Limerick from CSIS, University of Limerick on Vimeo.  

Up-and-Coming Lectures and Recitals in 2017

February 16, 2017 – Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast – 1pm Next Thursday, I am giving a lunch time recital at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast. Program Notes: Axon (2011) – Composed by Richard Graham and Michael Andrews “Axon” is a collaborative project that began life as a series of recorded guitar improvisations. These …

New Interview: Art + Music + Technology

About a week ago, I was incredibly fortunate to be interviewed by Cycling ’74 CLO Darwin Grosse for his Art + Music + Technology podcast.  We talked guitars, code, etc. Here’s the spiel: Ricky Graham is someone that I came to respect through his work. My friend Gregory turned me on to his music, and listening to it became part of …