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[sinedelay~] v1 – Waveform Generator and Variable Delay Line

[sinedelay~] v1. is a waveform generator and variable delay line external written in C for Pure Data (Pd). The external allows crossfading between waveforms and provides 4-point interpolation between tap-delay times in ms. It also has build-in amplitude modulation. v1. applies a tanh-based, soft digital distortion to the delayed output (right-most outlet). Please send feature requests …

rg.ambi~ Ambisonic Abstractions for Pure Data (Pd)

Download Link: rg.ambi~.zip What’s in the .zip? – Encoders for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order ambisonic panning – Based on Furse-Malham (“FuMa”) coefficients – Decoders for stereo, quad, 5, and 8-channel loudspeaker arrays Additional Reading: http://www.blueripplesound.com/hoa-introduction http://www.blueripplesound.com/b-format http://www.blueripplesound.com/decoding Find an Error / Bug? ricky at rickygraham dot net

Developing Mapping Strategies for Spatial Music Performance

All videos are decoded for stereo playback. Please use headphones. This video demonstrates the mapping of skeletal data using an Xbox Kinect, Synapse, and Pure Data, within a developing live performance system. The kinect data controls in-kind spatial flocking behaviors of the ‘boids’ algorithm. Mapping Strategies for Embodied Metaphors – Improvised Musical Examples This video …