Divergence Press (Issue 3) – Spatial Sound: Creative Practice in Electroacoustic Music


Issue 3 of Divergence Press (Centre for Research in New Music at the University of Huddersfield) is now available. This issue provides a range of technical and aesthetic perspectives on the creation and perception of contemporary spatial electroacoustic music. This issue was edited by Professor Eric Lyon (Virginia Tech).

My article with Dr. Brian Bridges (University of Ulster) examines a developing approach to the design of performance systems for spatial music.

Editor’s comments:

“Ricky Graham and Brian Bridges explore spatial performance practice with a focus on spatial mappings and gestural narratives. Their detailed report on technical implementations will be of particular interest to musicians working to extend the boundaries of spatial sound performance.”

Article abstract:

“This article will explore practical and aesthetic questions concerning spatial music performance by interrogating new developments within an emerging hyperinstrumental practice. The performance system is based on an electric guitar with individuated audio outputs per string and multichannel loudspeaker array. A series of spatial music mapping strategies will explore in-kind relationships between a formal melodic syntax model and an ecological flocking simulator, exploiting broader notions of embodiment underpinning the metaphorical basis for the experience and understanding of musical structure. The extension and refinement of this system has been based on a combination of practice-led and theoretical developments. The resulting mapping strategies will forge new¬†gestural narratives¬†between physical and figurative gestural planes, culminating in a responsive, bodily based, and immersive spatial music performance practice. The operation of the performance system is discussed in relation to supporting audiovisual materials.”

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