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Ableton Live Continuation – Beginner to Intermediate

The focus in this interactive classroom tutorial is on core features of Ableton as recording, production, programming and performance software using the most recent Ableton Live 8 release. Please bring your laptop and a pair of headphones. You must provide your own version of Ableton Live. You are welcome to purchase a copy directly from the tutor (bulk discount likely available).

Crescent Arts Centre | Ableton Live Course | Sign Up Now: http://crescentarts.ticketsolve.com/shows/126524180/events


Electric Guitar  Continuation – Intermediate to Advanced

For this technique and theory based course you have acquired a solid foundation in guitar practice and theory, including basic chord and scale construction. You should feel comfortable demonstrating a basic foundation in instrumental technique (simple lead and rhythm techniques). The course will cover: Standard Chord Voicings in Contemporary Practice, Introduction to the CAGED system, Construction of Major Modes, Soloing over chord changes, Technique Building classes in Legato & Alternate & Sweep Picking, Speed Building, Improvisation, effects (including live looping with Ableton Live).

Crescent Arts Centre | Electric Guitar Course | Sign Up Now: https://crescentarts.ticketsolve.com/shows/126521053/events


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