Guest Lecture and Performance at Berklee College of Music, Boston

I will give a lecture on spatial audio and live performance systems design at Berklee College of Music in Boston next Friday / October 28, 2016 / 4:00 p.m. I will also perform 2 improvised works for multichannel guitar as part of an evening concert (6pm) in the Electronic Production and Design department’s 10.2 multichannel studio.

Here’s the spiel:

Richard Graham will present his most recent performance system for multichannel guitar and his ambisonics library for Pd and Max/MSP, which includes a decoder for Berklee’s new 10.2 studio. Graham will also discuss his general approach to performance systems design, with a specific focus on feature extraction, mapping strategies, and the application of physical models for spatialization.

The concert will feature two semi-improvised pieces for multichannel guitar and (10.2) multichannel loudspeaker array.

4:00 p.m. Presentation
6:00 p.m. Performance

Seating is limited, so plan to get there early for each of the events.

Richard Graham is a guitarist and computer musician from Northern Ireland. He has performed across the U.S., Asia, U.K., and Europe, including festivals and conferences such as Celtronic and the International Symposium on Electronic Art. He has composed music for British and American television, recorded live sessions for BBC radio, and his music has been authored for the popular video game, Rock Band.

Admission: Free
Register here:

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