Guitar Lessons Available (Belfast, UK)

Electric Guitar lessons are available from the 19th of September, 2011, at the Brian Keenan Guitar Centre (587a Lisburn Road, Belfast).

All ages and levels of expertise are welcome!


The lessons may be tailored to include the following material, based on student preference:

  • General Music Theory (compositional theory relevant to the electric guitar)
  • Technique Building (working towards advanced electric guitar technique)
  • Rockschool Grades 1 to 8 (Trinity College, London)
  • Guitar and Live Electronics (using low cost hardware and open-source software)


Block Fee:

£65 for 4 1/2 lessons
£120 for 4 1 hour lessons

To be paid in advance of first lesson

Lessons in Music Production and Computer Music (programming in Pure Data) are also available at the same rates, upon request.


Tutor Bio:

Ricky Graham is a Guitarist, Composer, Producer, and Researcher based in Belfast, N.Ireland. Ricky completed his instrumental grades at the age of 17, and has since toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe, & Asia promoting various music releases, recorded various sessions for BBC radio, and his productions have featured on regional and national UK radio. Ricky has 9 years of teaching experience, having taught privately and at a series of music schools and academic institutions, including the Yamaha School of Music and the University of Ulster. Ricky holds a Master’s Degree in Music from the University of Ulster, and is currently completing his doctorate, specialising in interactive music performance systems in relation to electronic and contemporary guitar music.



info at rickygraham dot net (for bookings & more information)

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