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“Nascent” featured on BLACK (DE): http://www.blackmagazin.com/?p=9839

“Sometimes there is no such thing as the limitations of words. ‘Nascent’ is such a case. The new, second album of signalsundertests (aka Richard Graham from N.Ireland) designs a whole universe of gleaming surfaces, subdued noise, naked guitar lines and corroded tails. A (female) voice and the presented ambient musical systems are enhanced by low-frequency pulses, and all this works without one of these elements dominating the album; instead, they act as natural parts. A drone track like ‘Quite Arcs’ is ‘par-rode-force’ (rode by strength). ‘Pop appeal’ perhaps is the best description for what makes ‘Nascent’ so seductive, but a ‘pop-appeal’ that penetrates only one of many elements of the music, never superficial, and coupled with a surprising facility of musical arrangements of tracks for the right balance in order to create a coherent record. In spite of such a sound spectrum, and in spite of the complexity of the arrangements and its mix of long, almost fragmented, short pieces, ‘Nascent’ produces a continuous flow; the (dynamic) correlation holds. A masterpiece. The final track ‘Ebb And Flow’ sums it all together again in just under 8 minutes” – Hellmut Neidhardt – 2011


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