“Nascent” features on Spy Hop Productions: Sending Messages

Sending Messages was started in November of 2009 as a program of the youth media organization Spy Hop Productions.  Students at a secure care youth corrections facility in Salt Lake City are given recording and editing equipment to write, record, and produce their own radio show.  Their personal narratives, poetry, short fiction, spoken word, and interviews are compiled into podcast episodes and published on a monthly basis.  The individual stories and full episodes are available on this website.  The full episodes are also available on iTunes.

10/30/12 – Episode #28 – Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everybody!  We have a HUGE episode for you this month.  Stories about folklore, legend, and myth from The Hatter, Trial by Tears, Street Lawyer, Anomaly, Rocky Lalo, Franchize, Radd Kidd, Lyric, Low Key, The Unknown, Zeak, Mr. 206, KBone, Spark Of Courage and The Architect.  Eleven poems, two songs, two stories and a spooky radio play.  KBone hosts this episode.  Special thanks to Denver Olmstead. Thanks for downloading.

Episode #28 – Halloween (featuring tracks, “Nascent” and “Quiet Arcs”)

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