New Interview: Art + Music + Technology

About a week ago, I was incredibly fortunate to be interviewed by Cycling ’74 CLO Darwin Grosse for his Art + Music + Technology podcast.  We talked guitars, code, etc. Here’s the spiel:

Ricky Graham is someone that I came to respect through his work. My friend Gregory turned me on to his music, and listening to it became part of my daily routine. Then I reached out to him about doing the podcast, and was happy to get his consent. I needed to get ahead on recordings, so this one was done while visiting LA for the NAMM conference.

I was intrigued by Ricky’s work as a guitarist that is also, clearly, neck-deep in technology. I was also drawn in by his hacker-like mentality in finding ways to make things work – and work together. This chat was as laid back as could be, and I quickly forgot I was talking to anyone but a good friend, because he’s as engaging to talk to as can be. We ended up talking guitar synths, rugby, guitarisms within software and even balancing tech with playing.

As happens so often with great guests, this discussion immediately got me interested in trying out some new techniques, doing some actual recording and just plain getting-off-my-duff. Whether you are into guitars or not, you are sure to be inspired by Ricky Graham.

Check out the interview via the link below:

Thanks, Darwin!

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