New Pd External: [lerdahl]

[lerdahl] is an external for Pd written in C. It is largely based on ideas presented in Fred Lerdahl’s book, “Tonal Pitch Space” (2001), on the construction of melodies.

Version 1 takes any MIDI input and outputs values for pitch class, basic space, closure, tension, ratios of asymmetrical attraction, ratios of asymmetrical attraction * pitch class distance, and pitch class distance. 

The user may change the configuration of the basic space to accommodate any of the 7 modes of the major scale.

The user may also offset pitch class zero if they want zero to be something other than Middle C (C3 /4, etc.).

Mac only, for the moment. Version 2 will be cross-platform, have list outputs, and more useful construction arguments.

Download [lerdahl] for Mac OSX (32-bit)


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