New Pd Externals: [grambipan~] and [grambidec~]

[grambipan~] and [grambidec~] are two new (basic) ambisonic objects for Pd. They will form a large part of the new grambilib~ library I am finishing this semester, allowing a user to control angle and elevation using an audio-rate signal. They’re largely based on the rg.ambi~ abstractions¬†from 2015. All objects are written in the C programming language. Both externals collectively allow a user to use 1st (3d), 2nd (2d), and 3rd (2d) order ambisonics for mono, stereo, quad, 5.0, hexagonal, octagonal, and b-format cube (3d) array configurations.

You can grab Version 1 for Mac (32-bit / 64bit) here. Version 2 will feature a library format, including the [grambiman~] object for rotation, tilt, tumble soundfield manipulations. Version 2 will also be available for Linux and Windows.


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