New Release: Origins and Evolutions (INSTALL, NYC)


Aidan Baker returns to INSTALL with a appropriate follow up to his 2009 record  ‘Dry’. For this one Aidan has brought some friends along to create an immersive composition for multiple guitars recorded by guitarists from all over the world and assembled by Aidan himself.  ‘Origin One (Drone)’ starts the record with a layered, dense drone that sets the frame work for the record. Further on the composition descends quickly into the obtuse with ‘Evolution One (Percussive)’ and ‘Evolution Two (Chime Drone)’. The record is brought full circle by the ending piece ‘Origin Two (Melody)’. Limited to 300 replicated CDs in full color 4 panel eco-wallet.

With Guitarists: 

Jon Attwood, Aidan Baker, Mick Barr, Bryan W. Bray, David Daniell, Jonathan Demers, Richard Graham, N, JF Sebastian, David Tagg, Velladon Vampillia, Slash Vampillia, Matej Volgar, Brian Wenckebach, Nigel Wright

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