“Origins & Evolutions” – A collaborative music release with Aidan Baker


“Origins & Evolutions” – A collaborative release with Aidan Baker available September 30th: http://aidanbaker.bandcamp.com/album/origins-evolutions

Featured Artists include:

Jon Attwood – guitar
Aidan Baker – guitar
Mick Barr – guitar
Bryan W. Bray – guitar
David Daniell – guitar
Jonathan Demers – guitar
Richard Graham – guitar
N – guitar
JF Sebastian – guitar
David Tagg – guitar
Velladon Vampillia – guitar
Slash Vampillia – guitar
Matej Volgar – guitar
Brian Wenckebach – guitar
Nigel Wright – guitar

In addition: “Quiet Arcs” features on Aidan Baker mix (Secret 13 mix – 034). Download for free here: http://secretthirteen.org/secret-thirteen-mix-034-aidan-baker/

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