Pure Data – Spatial Gesture Recorder


Grid points are recorded into a [coll] and an interpolated version based on specified duration is played back.

2 thoughts on “Pure Data – Spatial Gesture Recorder”

  1. Man,I heard your piece via Margarth Noble’s project and was totally blown away! Felt like throwing my guitar in the can – absolutely amazing! I have noticed that you work with puredata – which is seems very sophisticated. I’ve been hearing about puredata and am interested in the program, but, as said, its a bit too much for my very meager knowledge of computer software. Do you recommend any place, or site to start? For introduction? I am really amazed with what you have accomplished and would really like to attempt something similar, but obviously less ambitious and a good deal less complex than what you have accomplished. Any leads on how to begin to use puredata would be much appreciated!cheers, w.

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