Review – “Nascent” – Absolute Zero Media (USA)


“I know Fluttery records seems to be very post rock and ambient music all the time but this one seems a bit different to me . Its much more experimental ambient industrial/soundscape in the way the over all sounds are created reminds me more of the Minimalist Neoclassic Industrial that CMI, Manifold and Dark Vinyl use to release and the lighter side of what Malignant does. signalsundertests has a very Caul, Sephiroth and Raison D Etre feeling to it. I may be just hearing what I want but this time out I would say “Nascent” maybe my favorite album on Fluttery at this point. They remind me so much of Mandible Chatter as well. That is a band I truly miss. They were so ground breaking and this is helping fill that void. Stellar release.”

Absolute Zero Media

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