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Translated from Dutch

“Growing international label Fluttery, where one after another hit on experimental post-rock and neo-classical fields appears, comes up with the new CD of signalundertest’s nascent. This is the alias of Richard “Ricky” Graham, who were among more educated on Amsterdam’s STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) and also his doctoral field of music has achieved. The Northern Irishman now living in America releases his first studio album after several digital releases, the light shows. He uses his main instrument the guitar with electronics and homemade software (probably from his STEIM period). He explores this interaction between the various instruments and music technology. It provides full melancholic pieces (guitar) ambient, diluted with drones, glitch, idm and electronic music. It concerns the various effects of the necessary depth and strangeness. The album title refers to the birth, but that there must be an extraterrestrial origin. The music is rather elusive because of an unearthly beauty and strength. Occasionally the fine bittersweet voice of Laura Graham to hear that the music here is less abstract and earthy and almost trip-hop toward the destination. For the rest you get dark, psychedelic, fast-paced and evocative soundscapes that are not immune. Think of a cross pollination of SubstractiveLAD, SETI, Brian Eno, Biosphere, Yellow6, Ricard Skelton and Celer. An absorbing and fascinating splendor album.”

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