Septar Board – Beta Test (Andy Butler)

The “Septar” board functions as a break out box for polyphonic audio pick-up systems for electric guitar (including those designed solely for MIDI application) to allow audio for each string. The following prototype has been developed with a newly designed circuit to improve audio output of piezo-based pickup systems (notably, the Hexpander by Graphtech Guitar Labs).

The first prototype of the Septar Board has been undergoing various preliminary tests over the past few months. Thanks to Andy Butler for testing the Septar board in his own time. Some photos from Andy’s tests are included below;


Using pliers as heat sink (Why? More info:




A series of ten beta kits will be released as version one, towards the end of June, 2011. They will be made available on a first come, first serve basis at a very reduced price. The Septar kits are designed to function with Graphtech and Roland MIDI pickups (for the moment).

The new and improved kits will have the following features;

On board silk screening to demonstrate component locations

Balanced audio output

Wider pads

Suitable hole sizes for kit components (no need to drill)

Full documentation (including part numbers, values, & a step by step guide on how to construct the kit)


More information will be made available shortly. In the meantime, if you have any question, please drop an email to: info atnospam rickygraham dot net. Previous discussion:


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