Septar Board – Roland GK-3 + RMC Beta Test (Enda Bates)

Thanks to Dublin based Composer, Enda Bates, for carrying out the following Septar beta tests with both RMC and Roland GK-3 pick-up systems. The RMC piezoelectric pick-ups typically receive power from a 9v battery on board the guitar. RMC and Graphtech are the common pick-up systems found in Godin guitars.  

You must determine which system is installed on board your guitar before you start wiring anything.


“Putting it together was very straightforward” EB 2011

In this particular configuration, the septar board requires power from one 9v in your project box, and the RMC pickup requires power from one 9v on board the guitar (which typically should already be on board).


“The Septar does definitely add something to the RMC, the gain and noise level seems about the same but it does seem to bring out some more detail and high frequency clarity.” EB 2011

Please ensure that the 9v in your project box is NOT connected to the 12th pin of the DIN, given that the pickup is already receiving power from an on board 9v battery in the guitar.  Make sense? If you have any conceivable amount of doubt in your mind about this particular configuration, please drop an email to info at rickygraham dot net, or consult the septar build guide, for step-by-step instruction.

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