Septar Kits – Limited Number of Kits In Stock


A limited number of Septar Kits are now back in stock. First come, first serve. Please get in touch if you’re interested, via email: info at rickygraham dot net

Further Information:

Audio break out kits are available for users with Graphtech Ghost Modular, RMC, and Roland GK-3 pick-ups at a reduced price of £40 | $65 | €45 (excluding postage). The kits are availble on a first come, first serve, basis.

Further discussion on beta testing: (Andy Butler) (Enda Bates) (Roland GK-3 + Travel Guitar)

Please register your interest by sending an email to info at rickygraham dot net.

Please also note the following:

I would encourage all users to contact me directly if you have any issues with the kits, given that this is a personal project.

This is a very small operation, which serves the purpose of academic research. There is no money behind it. All design, parts and postage are covered by the time and money of the two individuals involved (myself and an engineer). The kits are sold as a beta project, not as a polished professional corporate product (although perhaps it may result in a more professional product, which is heavily dependent upon the feedback we receive at this stage of the research).

In terms of pricing, we can assure you that we have made the kit as affordable as possible. We have to take into consideration the time spent on the construction of each circuit board. If you believe you are able to source parts at a cheaper price in your home country or elsewhere, you are welcome to source the parts by yourself and we may then arrange to send the parts which you require at a discounted price.

Professional packaging is currently unaffordable, hence the reuse of existing packaging from parts. I do apologise if the packaging condition does not meet your expectations. Please bare in mind the kits are coming from the U.K. The largest concern is that all parts and components should reach you safely and in good condition. If this has not been the case, you should contact me immediately.

Please also note it does not list anywhere on this website that paper instructions will be provided. This was not advertised at any point. Instructions are made available for download and are sent via email to each individual who purchases a kit. So, please, for whatever reason, do not expect paper instructions.

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