Querschalltapes (2013) Endless cassette: 60 second loop

Limited, hand-numbered edition 49 pieces.
Engraved metal packaging.
Price: 35 €
€ 4.10 postage (domestic),
€ 8.90 (EU)
€ 15.90 (Worldwide)


Aidan Baker – Origins & Evolutions (2012)

A collaborative drone release featuring:

Jon Attwood – guitar
Aidan Baker – guitar
Mick Barr – guitar
Bryan W. Bray – guitar
David Daniell – guitar
Jonathan Demers – guitar
Richard Graham – guitar
N – guitar
JF Sebastian – guitar
David Tagg – guitar
Velladon Vampillia – guitar
Slash Vampillia – guitar
Matej Voglar – guitar
Brian Wenckebach – guitar
Nigel Wright – guitar

Label: Install (NYC)

signalsundertests – Nascent (2012)

signalsundertests (b. 2008) is a collaborative music project established in late 2008 as a means to explore new interactive performance systems for live electronic music. signalsundertests have toured throughout the UK and mainland Europe, sharing a stage with the likes of German electronica legend, Ulrich Schnauss.

Label: Fluttery Records (USA)


Limited edition disc on Bandcamp:

Burning Shed:


signalsundertests – “Axon” (2011) is a collaborative composition for 8 channel tape and live polyphonic electric guitar, written in collaboration with Michael Andrews in 2011. A stereo rendering is available at this time and a more recent version features on the most recent signalsundertests release, “Nascent.”

“Axon is a collaborative project that began life as a series of recorded guitar improvisations. These initial recordings provide the main source materials used in the fixed media element of the piece. Throughout the creative process the guitar and tape have been involved in a continual loop of mutual influence. Due to this working method we discovered that the line between the the composer and the performer became continually blurred and resulted in what we believe to be a truly collaborative piece that follows a combined creative vision. Axon was written by Michael Andrews and Ricky Graham.”


signalsundertests – Mecca (2010)

“Mecca,” was released in late 2010, featuring Artists from all over the world, including the US, Japan, Germany, and Finland, and has featured in Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar International Magazine and on regional and national TV (Ch. 5) and radio (BBC Radio 1). “Nascent” was released in 2011.


Spotify: signalsundertests – mecca

Free net label release:



Ricky Graham – Beautiful Beginning (2009)

The proceeds of “Beautiful Beginning” are donated to the Motor Neurones Disease Association of Northern Ireland. Due to the few cases of MND every year in the U.K, the research is underfunded and the care services are understaffed. To date, there is no known cure. By giving generously, you are helping researchers and carers for MND throughout the UK.



Spotify: Ricky Graham – Beautiful Beginning

Ricky Graham – Rain Down Fire (2009)

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“Rain Down Fire” was released by Japanese Label, “CD Lunch,” in 2009. This release was promoted with a tour of Japan in May, 2009. Read the tour report, here.



Spotify: Ricky Graham – Rain Down Fire

Shiro (b. 2007 – 2009)

Stations above their ideas from Shiro on Myspace.

I played guitar in a “metal-tinged hardcore” band (AU Magazine, 2007) called Shiro, based in N.Ireland. Shiro’s music featured on national and regional radio (Huw Stephens and Rory McConnell on BBC Radio 1). This included a live session for Rory McConnell, recorded in March, 2008. We released a self-titled EP in 2007.




Ricky Graham – Hippocritical (2007)

The following compilation comprised of two session tracks for Stephen McCauley’s Electric Mainline show on BBC Radio Foyle, recorded in 2006. The track, “Decadence” featured on Mary Anne Hobbs’, “Experimental Show,” on BBC Radio 1 in February, 2007. The compilation was released on the Manchester based net label, “Hippocamp,” in 2007.

Ricky Graham – Refraction (2005)

“Refraction” was produced in 2005. I performed this piece with a series of rock and metal ensembles, including the band, “Shiro,” from 2007 to 2008. It was authored for the video game, Rock Band (Network) in 2011. 

You can find the legacy listing here:

Ricky Graham – Black Ice (2005)

“Black Ice” was produced around the same time as “Refraction.” It featured on the compilation, “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” on the Manchester based net label, “Hippocamp.” It might be best described as industrial metal.

Ricky Graham – The Dreams of Edgar Brigham (2005)

A joint release with film composer, Michl Britsch, released on the Manchester based net label, “Hippocamp” in 2005.