Space Between the Skies: March 24 – May 14, 2016

Photo by Savannah Kenney

“Space Between the Skies,” a group exhibition organized by Christopher Manzione, featuring the work of Seth Cluett, John Craig Freeman, Ricky Graham, Christopher Manzione, Nicholas O’Brien, and Rachel Rossin.


Show details:


How the Audio Works

I developed software to encode multiple audio point sources for the piece with Chris and Seth; the patch used a library I’m developing in C for Pd called grambilib~:

Point sources are adjusted using your typical b-format rotations, moving the soundfield position relative to the gyro data from the Oculus Rift (i.e., every point source encoded within the soundfield maintains its relative position to the other point sources in the soundfield when the user moves their head). Distance (gain or perceived amplitude / volume) per source is simulated based on the euclidean distance between Cartesian locations of each audio source relative to the player position in Unity.

Data from the Oculus (and from the Unity world in general) is sent over OSC using a custom C# script based on UnityOSC:

This concept will be extended to 3d, b-format cube for Propellerfest (Hoboken, May 20th):

Space Between the Skies runs at apexart in NYC from March 24 – May 14, 2016



















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