Introduction to Digital Media

Course Description (HMU205)

Introduction to Digital Media is a multidisciplinary course focusing on the theoretical underpinnings and artistic applications of emerging open-source digital media initiatives in the fields of art and music. This course covers a wide range of open-source software at the forefront of academic research and industry, enabling students to design, develop, and implement original audiovisual installations as part of a research synergy between the art and music programs.

Sample student projects are presented below:

Mikkel Christensen (Freshman) – Circles










“My project explores the qualities of depth of randomness; what is a pleasing random along with what is a dissonant random. When started, the project loads circles with randomized size, position, opacity and colour as well as a sound file that runs through a bubbling process. As the user increases their movement, the circles respond and the sound becomes increasingly randomly distorted. If the user remains calm, the bubbling of the sample is calm. The user can also switch between the colour values of the circles between the random values and an average colour of the video camera. Through this project, each random and unique experience can show users how randomness can be pleasing and unpleasant depending on how random it is.”

Mikkel’s Project Blog:

Mikkel’s Patches: http://stevens/205

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